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How Much Protein Should I Eat In One Day?

How Much Protein Should I Eat In One Day?
Everyone has different lifestyles, and everyone’s body has different needs depending on age, weight and overall health goals.  We asked our colleagues at YuBi HQ what their daily protein intake is and how they try to get this protein in their diet daily.
What the internet says:
The recommended daily protein intake on average is 56g.  If you are an athletic individual, you should consume around 80g protein to help muscle recovery after workouts.
What our team says:
“As a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to up my protein intake.  I eat a lot of meat alternatives that are high in protein, as well as a lot of lentils, beans etc.  When I go to the gym I always crave something a little sweeter, so I very much enjoy a Cookies & Cream YuBi bar on the way home”
What I ate today =
Thins bagel with avocado – 15g protein
Quorn mince, rice, peas & broccoli – 28g protein
Egg yolk carbonara, vegan bacon, garlic bread – 12g protein
Cookies & Cream YuBi Bar - 10g protein
Protein pancakes with blueberries – 14g protein
Total = 69g protein

 “I am very much into my fitness, and I train every day, so my goal is to eat 200g protein per day to help with muscle recovery.  I have a sweet tooth, so I usually eat 2 YuBi S’mores bars before and after my workouts for a boost of energy and to gain those important amino acids to help build muscle with minimal soreness.”
What I ate today =
3 scrambled eggs with avocado and toast – 26g protein
1 ½ chicken breast with rice and salad – 43g protein
Speculoos YuBi bar and protein shake – 32g protein
Double beef burger, fried & coleslaw – 56g protein
Protein yoghurt with a Raspberry Ripple YuBi bar & raspberries – 24g protein

Total = 181g protein


“On average I eat around 120g protein a day.  I work out 5 days out of 7 not only for my overall wellbeing but for my mental health too.  As someone who is health and weight conscious but also loves chocolate, YuBi bars are a great treat to help me reach my macros whilst satisfying my sweet tooth.  My favourite YuBi bar is peanut!”
What I ate today =
3 fried eggs with Greek yoghurt and blueberries – 36g protein
1 chicken breast with rice – 31g protein
Cookies & Cream YuBi Bar – 10g protein
3 chicken thighs with boiled potatoes and peas – 55g protein
Peanut YuBi bar – 10g protein

Total = 124g protein

When you mostly eat plant-based proteins, it's a good idea to mix different kinds to get all the important building blocks called amino acids. You might need a bit extra protein to make sure your body gets everything it requires. If you're active, aiming for 1.2-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight each day can be a helpful goal.
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