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Veganuary Made Simple: Easy Recipes and Healthy Swaps🌱

Veganuary Made Simple: Easy Recipes and Healthy Swaps🌱

Trying Veganuary this January? Whether you're a curious foodie or already love exploring plant-based options, we want to prove that Veganuary can be easy and fun! In this blog, we're breaking down simple recipesvegan swaps, and uncovering the health benefits that make this month-long journey worth trying. If you're looking for delicious, hassle-free ways to embrace a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, you're in the right place.


We've got an easy-to-make, irresistible dessert that shows just how delicious vegan treats can be. This recipe isn't just about taste – it's about making something yummy and fun that fits your health and nutritional goals. So, let's jump in and whip up a dessert that'll satisfy your cravings without any fuss! 


Serves 2

3x YuBi Caramel Bars
8g Matcha
210g Caramel Flavoured Protein Powder (of your choice)
60g Coconut Flour
80g Dates
200ml Milk of Choice
15g Cacao

How to make:
1. Chop your YuBi Bars into small pieces
2. Add your YuBi Bars, Matcha, protein powder, flour, and dates into a bowl and fold together.
3. Add your milk slowly and fold into the mix.
4. Split your mix into two, in one half of the mix add the 15g of Cacao and fold in (to get that darker colour).
5. Divide your Cacao mix into balls that will form the body of the turtles! Also, save some tiny balls that will form the eyes! (you can get really creative here!)
6. With your Matcha mix, divide into smaller balls than the Cacao mix, to form the legs and head of the turtles!
7. Put all of your balls together to create the shape of a Turtle, as shown in the video above!
8. Enjoy!

Feel free to get creative and mould your mix to form other animals/shapes!



Now, let’s talk about easy vegan swaps! Simple ingredient swaps can seamlessly transform your favourite dishes into delicious, plant-based alternatives. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, these 5 easy switches will make your transition to veganism a breeze.

Plant-Powered Milk:
One of the simplest swaps is replacing dairy milk with a variety of plant-based alternatives like almond, soy, oat, or coconut milk. Whether poured into your morning cereal, stirred into coffee, or used in baking, these alternatives offer a creamy and flavourful substitute.

Flax or Chia Seed Power:
Ground flax or chia seeds mixed with water create an excellent egg substitute in baking or serve as a thickening agent in soups and stews, offering omega-3 fatty acids and fibre in the process.

Coconut Oil or Vegan Butter:
Replace butter with coconut oil or vegan butter in sautéed dishes, baking recipes, and spreads for a delightful and rich taste.

Sweeten with Agave or Maple Syrup:
Ditch honey and opt for agave or maple syrup to add sweetness to dressings, marinades, or baked goods.

Tofu and Tempeh:
Incorporate tofu or tempeh into your meals as a replacement for meat. These protein-packed options work wonders in stir-fries, tacos, sandwiches, and more!

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